Quarter in Review | Exolix

Quarter in Review | Exolix


A quarterly review has to start on a positive note: here, at Exolix, we had a very successful start to the year. The results for the first quarter of 2023 are a clear indication that we picked the right strategy.

In our quarterly report, we will bring you the most important information detailing the progress we made. We will talk about new coins, new partnerships, and brand-new ways we managed to generate value for our clients and grow our exchange to the next level. Without any further ado, let’s go to our Q1 report.

New Coins

There were several new and promising coins added to Exolix, namely:

  1. $MDX. It’s a cryptocurrency issued by Mdex, a new decentralized trading protocol on the basis of automatic market-making for all transactions across chains.

  2. $BDX. Tokens developed to enhance your privacy online.

Other exciting cryptos that are now available to swap on our platform include the following:

  • $OP

  • $BEL

  • $XVG

With the additions mentioned above, we now offer over 159,000 exchange pairs for our users. Remember that our site gives you the most profitable market conditions possible to swap any cryptocurrency. If you want to learn more about the new coins or how our exchange works, head on over to the main page and examine the information presented there.

Exolix Giveaways

Our users got to enjoy various prizes. We are glad that our regular subscribers regularly take an active part in our activities. This allows us to interact more closely with our audience and better understand the interests of our users.If you have any ideas regarding contests, giveaways, limited-time promotional events, or other similar activities, feel free to get in touch with us.

The two events that generated the most interest and social media engagement were:

  • Interactive Quiz for Exolix user – 100 USDT;

  • Valentine’s Day Giveaway – $200 in ETN.

Exolix in the Media

Out of all the materials published about our exchange in the past quarter, the ones that received the greatest attention, coverage, and praise were the following:

Exolix As a Crypto Exchange Service with Wide Opportunities.” This Coinpedia article was very straightforward and, therefore, great at conveying the various points to the reader. It is a great starting point for those who want to understand more about our features. It’s also a great article to share with someone who is unfamiliar with the advantages of this platform.

Exolix Exchange Deemed to Change the Crypto Exchange Space.” The Coin Republic rarely makes mistakes with its assessments, and we hope this generous description will further raise our visibility and popularity. More positive press from noted publications is a great sign for us.

What Is the Meaning of Circulating Supply in Cryptocurrency?” This Evan Walker-penned write-up has educational value. It is also very well written and will encourage our visitors to learn more about how to convert their funds through our platform.

New Partnerships

To harken back to our Year in Review article for 2022, we really are on track to attract “a whole lot of new partners.” Here are the three most notable:

  • Ambire Wallet. A next-level smart wallet capable of changing the user experience by doing a number of things that will surely become industry standard. Ambire became the very first noncustodial smart cryptocurrency wallet with email authentication. We anticipate a great deal of potential growth with their services.

  • Beldex. Not only did we add its token, $BDX, but we also managed to forge a partnership with the leading player in the field of privacy-based ecosystems. The impact of this cooperation will be monumental, and we cannot wait to show you the insights.

  • Omega Wallet. A secure blockchain wallet that supports: APTOS, SUI, EVM-based blockchains, DApp, DeFi, and acts as your portal to the Web3 world.  They will Keep You Safe. You have sole control of your private keys. The private keys are encrypted, stored securely on your device, and never left. Omega Wallet enables users to store, buy, send, convert, and swap crypto tokens & NFT on multiple blockchains. It supports not only the most popular EVM-based blockchains but also the latest blockchains such as Aptos and Sui.

Social Media News

Although some recent developments surrounding this platform have been troubling, to say the least, we are still proud of the fact that we got our blue Twitter check mark. This will undeniably help our visibility and attract a wider following as people discover the benefits of our platform.

We will continue to develop a more sound and professional marketing strategy that will hopefully elevate our profile even higher on other social media platforms. Stay tuned for more details concerning our increasing social media presence.

Prospects for Q2 and Beyond

The first quarter of 2023 yielded interesting and positive outcomes for our cryptocurrency exchange. Our hard work continues to pay off, and we would like to thank our users, our partners, our helpers, our investors, and especially you, our readers.

Thanks to your pointed interest, we have a good sense of what to expect for the upcoming quarters. We know where to take this company and which features you’re the most interested in. Many improvements will be made as we will continue to grow bigger, do better, and offer you the best quality of service and the most advantageous exchange rates.

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