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Year in Review: Exolix


TOMORROW [noun] / to·mor·row – Future in a broad sense.

It feels odd talking about what tomorrow might bring when discussing this year's challenges and successes, but we believe that past events, in particular overcoming difficulties and gaining experience, can say a lot about a project.

The year 2022 was an enormous transition for us. We have a vision, a clear goal that we strive to achieve every day. Our goal is to make Exolix one of the most favorable and respected cryptocurrency platforms out there. We don't make bold claims, saying that we will oust Binance in the long run, but it's clear that there's a huge potential here. We can evolve, grow, and get better. Thanks to our new partners and beloved clients, the groundwork has already been set.

Our Goal for Tomorrow:

Do better, get better, and make our friends a little happier.

Now, before we get to discuss our future once again, let's catch up on what we've been up to this past year.

Results of the Year

Part 1: New Partners

Brokering a new partnership is not always easy since it can be tough to balance your expectations with the realities of cooperation. We have all been there.

Now, it's safe to say that EVERY new partner that we've gained has been nothing short of incredible. Here are the business allies that will help us in the coming years:

  1. Exodus. A Huge Crypto Wallet for Desktop & Mobile which is used worldwide by more than a million users.

  2. Edge Wallet. A great way to manage all your cryptocurrency assets and swap them too.

  3. Сonstellation Network. An ambitious network with no fees and a burning desire to shape the future of Web3.

  4. Bittab. A life-saving widget with real-time exchange rates.

  5. CoinVault Wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet that meets the highest security standards.

  6. Stargazer Wallet. An outstanding wallet with huge potential.

  7. GetBlock. Blockchain node provider with an eye on the future.

  8. Trocador. Anonymous, fast transactions – just like in the old days.

  9. Moneroj. Monero-centric resource with great data.

  10. Tezotopia. An NFT-powered RTS that everyone will be talking about.

  11. Dokwallet. A multi-currency wallet that allows you to convert, store, and earn.

Any other year, this would have been the crowning achievement, but 2022 really was a year of transition – transition to greater goals.

Part 2: New Coins

Moving to popular and not-so-popular demands, we modestly updated our exchange and added almost 100 popular altcoins. Of course, we are not going to vouch for every project or coin as the future of crypto, but we've been able to expose many of our users to new, promising projects.

Becoming more involved with different projects, coins, and trading pairs is a great way to push yourself in a positive direction. Every crypto can be a great tool that helps you build an awesome portfolio and perhaps get richer.

Part 3: Selected 2022 Highlights

  • A floating rate option was added and it was a resounding success. We helped many people to save and make money.

  • Blog was launched, and we surely hope that it's going to become a major cryptocurrency-themed blog eventually. Yes, we are talking about the Exolix Blog. We aim to educate and analyze but also predict and discuss the future of the cryptocurrency world.

  • 3 important sections were added: Markets, Currencies, and Trending Exchange Pairs. Each of them helped make the site a more informative and useful place for its users.

  • As much as 100% of our site's design enjoyed an overhaul. Do you like the newer, slicker look of the site? We think that the Exolix home page looks more vibrant than ever before!

The inwards-facing improvements are one thing, but what about our work with partners and attracting new partners?

In 2022, we expanded and improved our affiliate program. We overcame past mistakes and conjured up a way to achieve all the goals we were seeking: simplicity, transparency, equality, and profitability. We boast the best rates among leading exchange sites, and we come up with tailored plans for registered affiliates. We also take great care of our business partners, so the magnificent ten discussed above are in great hands.

Part 4: Navigating Uncertainty

While the declines and rises of the cryptocurrency world are completely unpredictable, some of the global events that took place in 2022 were truly shocking and not in a good way. Dismayed, confused, and taken by surprise, we still managed to grow and achieve breakthroughs. We hope this will bring at least some degree of stability to our beloved customers.

  • We released an app on Android. Today, it is available in Google Play and has over 1k downloads and no negative reviews. Our app is a way to make it easier to manage and swap your assets on the go.

  • We launched a newsletter with the latest updates, the newest promotional deals, and news pertaining to the cryptocurrency world. It's now easier than ever to stay on top of all goings-on in the world of crypto.

  • We added new contests. In tough times, it's very important to give people 
    a) something that will keep them occupied/distracted/motivated;
    b) a chance to win money. 
    Our contests combine the best of both worlds.

  • We expanded our team. Our operation is still on track, even with the turbulent changes in the world. We now employ 30 team members that have vast experience in the blockchain world. They bring forth their own individual ideas and recommendations to help shape a better future for Exolix.

Rounding Up the Year in Review

Being involved in the cryptocurrency industry has never been an easy task. It's a tough road full of pros and cons and rapid changes which sometimes make things unbearable. As mentioned before, we have a clear vision for tomorrow – a better tomorrow – for Exolix, and we can assure everyone that we are working tirelessly to bring that brighter future to life. Over the past few years, we have made a name for our project by putting the customers in the spotlight.

Remember: you are not a faceless ID or a number; you are our client. Your successes, failures, complaints, and ideas were all a part of Exolix's growth over the years. We wouldn't have gotten this far without you, so thank you.

In the upcoming year, we will continue to bring forth advancements and propel ourselves to the next level. Be prepared to witness new events, new achievements, and hopefully, a whole lot of new partners. Keep your eyes and ears open.

"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming." 

- David Bowie

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