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Fast, secure and privacy-oriented BTC to ETH exchange. Swap BTC to ETH at the best exchange rate with Exolix.

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Cryptocurrency and digital money are becoming a deeper and deeper part of reality. It may mean that the need for exchanging different financial resources with each other is also growing. Fortunately, it is possible to choose a reliable cryptocurrency exchanger and find any information you need on how to conduct a swap correctly.

As you surely know, the crypto giants with the largest market capitalization, high value, and increasing popularity are Bitcoin and Ethereum. In our guide, we will explore how to conduct the best BTC-to-ETH exchange.

Our Exolix exchange service allows you to convert Bitcoin to Ethereum instantly. You don’t need to register for any step during the cryptocurrency swapping process, thereby ensuring that your sensitive information remains safe. 

For the Bitcoin to ETH conversion, our exchange will select the best rates and fix them before the exchange is done. That way, the increased volatility doesn’t affect your transactions.

Complete Your BTC-to-ETH Exchange in a Few Steps

Using an exchange service, everyone can quickly and easily exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies, and our experienced support team will answer any question you are interested in. 

Despite the abundance of exchange opportunities, using the BTC-to-ETH converter

functionality is quite simple. It is possible to make an exchange in a few clicks. Let's look at the step-by-step instructions on how to convert Bitcoin to Ethereum in the best way possible, using our online digital currency exchange service.

The BTC to Ethereum conversion is very efficient and straightforward through our Exolix exchange:

  1. Go to the Exchange widget, and choose Bitcoin in the first drop-down list. Enter the BTC amount. Select the cryptocurrency you want to swap it for, i.e. Ethereum, in the next drop-down list. The best exchange rate will be shown for 1 Bitcoin. Press Exchange.

  2. Once our converter has generated the Bitcoin address, so you can deposit BTC, and we have received your coins, the exchange process will initiate.

  3. The best Bitcoin to Ethereum exchange rate will be fixed by our converter to prevent price fluctuations. The conversion will start.

  4. You'll receive the converted amount in ETH and exchange details once the conversion is complete.

One more reason for considering that the Exolix platform provides the best exchange for BTC to ETH is the following: the exchange speed may depend on the type of currency, but in most cases, the time frame is from 5 minutes to a maximum of a couple of hours.

BTC-to-ETH Exchange Rate

It's no secret that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile. But what if the market is unstable, and we need, for example, to exchange 0.1 BTC for ETH and get a specific fixed amount of ETH as a result? For such situations, there are exchanges with a fixed rate.

Exolix, as a fixed–rate cryptocurrency exchange, is an exchange where the exchange rate is fixed and does not change during the execution of a transaction. Therefore, the user receives cryptocurrency for the amount that was indicated at the beginning of the exchange, regardless of market fluctuations. On Exolix, you may find the best BTC-to-ETH ratio.

Swap BTC to ETH at the Best Rates

Let's figure out where the exchange rate comes from. The platform scans possible offers to buy and sell currency for the BTC-to-ETH swap and selects the highest rate for which Bitcoin can be sold or the lowest at which Ethereum can be purchased. Such a pair is the most preferred by users.

On the Exolix, you can not only swap Bitcoin for Ethereum but also operate with other currencies. At the moment, their number has grown to 525, which helps to find any conversion option up to the rarest.

Price Calculator or Live Price BTC to ETH        

The most logical and popular tool among customers, which is used before making a currency swap, is a price calculator. Everyone needs to understand exactly how much he pays, at what rate the exchange takes place, and what the result will be. Using the ready-made services would be easier than analyzing a Bitcoin-to-Ethereum chart on your own.

To make the situation transparent, all the necessary tools are collected on our Exolix website. The first is a BTC-to-ETH calculator. To use it, you need to choose the currency to exchange, in our case, Bitcoin, select the pair in which you want to receive a withdrawal (Ethereum), and enter the desired amount. The calculator will instantly give you the result based on the currently valid data, that is, the live price. It will help you to decide on when to convert BTC to ETH.

BTC vs. ETH    

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two largest cryptocurrencies. Although both are decentralized means of exchange based on blockchain technology, they are actually very different. Let’s take a closer look.

Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: An Overview    

Bitcoin, created in 2009, was a pioneer in the crypto world. Thanks to the concept of digital money, cryptocurrencies have no physical equivalent, and no one can issue Bitcoins bypassing the system. All information about transactions between the addresses of the system is available in open form, so the mechanism of the system and successful transfers can be easily tracked.

With the passage of time, altcoins appeared. Their essence lies in the name itself — an alternative to Bitcoin. The main altcoin is Ethereum (Ether), which was created on July 30, 2015. Today it is the second among cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. 

Ethereum offers the ability to create smart contracts, specifically designed pieces of code that allow parties to exchange currencies or other assets without the participation of a third party. Potentially, this technology can be widely used in finance, management, audit, and logistics.

Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: Key Differences

It is important to understand the main features of the two major cryptocurrencies.

While BTC has a fixed supply of 21 million coins, the ETH supply is currently 107 million and does not have a maximum. The concept of decentralization that made BTC popular is no longer a novelty, and the transaction time in its network is growing. Transactions using Ethereum are carried out much faster, typically taking several minutes.

Bitcoin also serves as a means of payment; it can be used to pay for purchases in many large and medium-sized retail stores. Ethereum is not so successful in commercial adaptation, but it serves other purposes, such as exchange automation, working with smart contracts and strengthening security, ensuring that the swap is automatic, irreversible, and transparent.

The number of miners who, with the help of new technologies, can create and verify new blocks in the blockchain has increased due to the popularization of crypto giants. Currently, BTC and ETH rely on PoW mining, which means high carbon dioxide emissions. BTC is a huge problem for the environment. ETH, on the contrary, has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Why You Should Choose the Exolix Bitcoin-to-Ethereum Exchange

Our BTC to ETH converter provides loads of features you wouldn't find on other exchanges. This is why our users trust us and have rated our services as Excellent.

  1. Using our  service, you can complete the entire conversion without registering or providing any personal data.

  2. The transaction occurs quickly, securely, and at the best exchange rate.

  3. The system will fix the rate before the transaction so that it is maintained during conversion.

  4. You can convert an unlimited amount of over 525 cryptocurrencies.

Looking for Other Crypto Exchange Pairs?

When choosing a pair for conversion, you should, first of all, rely on your goals and needs. If you are determining the currency to which you are converting Bitcoin, consider various options, compare rates, and answer a few basic questions. 

  • Where will I use my cryptocurrency? 

  • Will I keep it in my wallet for a long time as an investment? 

  • Do I need to spend it? 

  • Why do I think the exchange is promising? 

In any case, whatever currency you choose as a pair, you can find even rare  opportunities on our Exolix platform.

Exchange BTC to ETH

Fast, secure and privacy-oriented Bitcoin to Ethereum exchange. Swap BTC to ETH at the best exchange rate with Exolix.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Exchange BTC to ETH Anonymously dropwdown arrow icon

On the Exolix platform, you can exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum without disclosing your identity. No KYC verification, confidential passport data, or location data is required. You will only need the wallet address. Thanks to this, your transaction will remain anonymous.

Is There Any Limit for BTC-to-ETH Exchange? dropwdown arrow icon

There are no quantity restrictions or limits on Exolix, so you can convert Bitcoin to Ethereum as much as you want.

Can I Trade BTC for ETH on Exolix? dropwdown arrow icon

Yes, there are many cryptocurrency pairs on the platform for exchange, and you have such an opportunity.

Why Is Exolix the Best Place for BTC-to-ETH Swap?dropwdown arrow icon

The system ensures the reliable and successful completion of the exchange of cryptocurrencies. It provides a high level of security and absolute anonymity. Due to the high speed of data processing and network operation, users can exchange their funds instantly.