Exchange XMR to BTC: learn more about the best and the fastest way to do it

Exchange XMR to BTC

Fast, secure and privacy-oriented XMR to BTC exchange. Swap XMR to BTC at the best exchange rate with Exolix.

Experience a Seamless XMR to BTC Exchange

Enjoy a smooth and secure Monero to Bitcoin swap with our Exolix exchange service. The exceptional service we provide in every feature - from the transaction process, best exchange rates, processing speed, security, anonymity, and many more - makes us stand out. 

And all these features are combined within a simple and user-friendly interface! Our service uses contemporary technologies, thanks to which we strive to provide our customers with the best user experience. We invite you to learn more about the advantages of the Excolix platform and how you can exchange cryptocurrencies you are interested in the blink of an eye, without difficulty.

Learn How to Convert Monero to Bitcoin

You can swap XMR to BTC for several reasons. The most important thing is that Bitcoin is the main and leading crypto in the world, and the most popular and frequently used one. It is possible to make transfers of any distance and pay for purchases. 

Among other things, Bitcoin is an easy way to invest. Due to volatility, this is a convenient coin for traders who pay attention to the quotes and want to exchange XMR to BTC in order to benefit from the growth of the quotes in the future. Also, one of the fundamental characteristics of Bitcoin is decentralization, it has been working for many years and still attracts a large number of developers and miners. 

Let’s see how to convert Monero to Bitcoin easily. 

As mentioned above, we have designed our Exolix XMR to BTC converter with a focus on crypto enthusiasts and security. In 4 simple steps, you can easily swap XMR/BTC.

  1. Select XMR in the drop-down list. Provide the final amount you will be exchanging. Select BTC in the next drop-down list. You will now see the best exchange rate available.
  2. In this step, Exolix will create the XMR address of the deposit. Next, you send the XMR, and once we get them, the conversion starts immediately.
  3. Our converter will find the best exchange rate and proceed with the exchange process.
  4. After the exchange is complete, the amount in Bitcoin will reach you.

XMR to BTC Exchange Rate

We firmly believe that customers may be interested in the pricing and performance of cryptocurrencies, as well as how the swap rate is formed. So, the prices of virtual currencies develop much more irregularly and fluctuate much more widely than the prices of standard currencies. Since there are important differences between the characteristics of coins and tokens, technologies, and the level of supply and demand, the swap rate of currency pairs always changes. Let’s look at how to conduct the best XMR to BTC exchange.

Swap XMR to BTC at the Best Rates

We would like to share a transparent way in which Exolix XMR to BTC converter works to provide users with the best rates possible. Our platform uses currently collected data on the conversion rate of each currency. With the help of an algorithm, we evaluate how the currency you want to swap can be sold for as much as possible, and the one you want to get can be bought for as little as possible. Such a pair gives the best market rate. For instance, if you wish to transfer Monero to Bitcoin, the best rate would be the highest price for Monero and the lowest for Bitcoin.

Price Calculator or Live Price XMR to BTC

Everything for the convenience of users is provided in our interface. If you are interested in BTC to XMR conversion and want to be sure of the results of the exchange, you have the opportunity to count the number of coins received in the swap without leaving our platform. 

Exolix has implemented a specifically designed Monero to Bitcoin calculator. It takes into account the relevant rate of two coins in a pair at the time of the request and calculates the result. All the user needs to do is enter the desired amount of the exchange and they will instantly receive the relevant sum.

It is important to take into account that the results don't remain relevant for long, as the quotes of coins change. Therefore, if you make an exchange a long time after using the calculator, you could receive a different amount. We would advise you to double-check your calculations right before the swap.


At first glance, it may seem to a beginner in the world of cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin is a reliable, albeit very expensive asset. There are a huge number of altcoins and you can easily get lost. Let's take a closer look at the difference between Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC).

Monero vs Bitcoin: An Overview

According to, experts in the field of cryptocurrencies, believe that Bitcoin lacks the necessary privacy features to sufficiently protect its users. Bitcoin addresses and transactions are recorded in the blockchain, and as a result, they become publicly available and traceable. In fact, this means that theoretically, transactions can be linked to the identity of a real person. The lack of protection and independence is especially noticeable in attempts to regulate the amount of currency issued, mining, and its use as a means of payment by the government.

As a result, anonymous coins, primarily Monero (XMR), gained fame by promising to solve this problem, as they provide users with the ability to send and receive funds completely anonymously. Monero uses technologies that help to hide the origin and destination of any transactions. This cryptocurrency is based on so-called ring signatures and hidden addresses.

Monero vs Bitcoin: Key Differences

Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency, while Montero is significantly inferior to it in terms of popularity. Bitcoin wins by market capitalization, as it is worth more than $570 billion. It first appeared in 2009 and has been indispensable in the world of decentralized finance ever since. It is well-known to everyone and often hits the headlines, surprising traders with a change of quotes or reaction to the news. 

Monero (XMR) is a more technologically advanced and developing cryptocurrency. It appeared in 2014 and became popular thanks to providing security and anonymity to its users. Monero mining does not require special equipment and can take place on any leading platform, including Windows, Android, Linux, and macOS. That is, Monero (XMR) mining is available to different users, and not only for large mining pools, as to Bitcoin.

In any case, an important role is played by the reputation of coins, the purpose of use or purchase, and the level of protection of the user.

What Are the Advantages of Exolix's Monero (XMR) to BTC Converter?

By using our Excellent-rated Exolix cryptocurrency converter, you are the recipient of several advantages, including:

  1. You don’t have to register or provide us with any sensitive data.
  2. You can swap over 525 cryptocurrencies.
  3. There is no maximum limit on the total transaction amount for any cryptocurrency.
  4. The processing time is extremely fast, from 5 minutes to 2 hours.
  5. The selected market rate is the best.
  6. Before you begin the transaction, our Exolix converter will fix the rate. This step is taken to protect you from any sudden rise or fall in the swap prices.

Looking for Other Crypto Exchange Pairs?

Both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) are part of many currency pairs provided by the Exolix platform. You can choose the most convenient option among a huge pool of offers, from the most common to the rare combinations. You can consider converting Ether for Bitcoin and vice versa or exchanging Monero (XMR) for Ether. Our selection of pairs to convert is able to meet almost all your needs!

Exchange XMR to BTC

Fast, secure and privacy-oriented Monero to Bitcoin exchange. Swap XMR to BTC at the best exchange rate with Exolix.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Exchange XMR to BTC Safely? dropwdown arrow icon

The Exolix platform provides a secure cryptocurrency exchange at a fixed exchange rate. Transactions are anonymous and do not take much time. To use the service, you do not need KYC verification and you should not worry about your personal data. We will provide you with privacy and ease of use.

Is There Any Limit for XMR/BTC Exchange? dropwdown arrow icon

An important advantage of the platform is the absence of any barriers. We do not set restrictions, so there is no upper limit on the exchange. You can exchange as much XMR to BTC as you want.

Can I Trade XMR for BTC on Exolix? dropwdown arrow icon

Sure, you can trade Monero (XMR) for Bitcoins (BTC) and vice versa, choose the pairs you need, conduct instant swaps, and much more.

Why Is Exolix the Best Place for XMR/BTC Swap?dropwdown arrow icon

A huge selection of pairs for exchange, protection and privacy of users, fixed rates, no limits on currency exchange and transfer, high speed of transactions, and a user-friendly interface - these are the main reasons to choose Exolix.