XMR to USDT conversion: everything you need to know before acting

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When the concept of cryptocurrency was introduced, the aim of the developers was to overcome bureaucracy and control of the traditional financial systems. Thus, BTC challenged these issues and later other coins started to appear. However, all of them are volatile, so their prices can change abruptly and this leads to certain hardships. Furthermore, the security issues also stay questionable. There are means to follow transactions made with Bitcoin, so one cannot feel completely confident while using it. In this article, we talk about Monero and USDT. The first project was created to achieve the highest security level, while the second aimed to defeat volatility. Let’s see their current state.

More about Monero and USDT

The launch of both XMR and USDT happened in 2014 and since that time both coins attracted a large audience and raised a lot of interest. Their main characteristics in 2023 are as follows: The price of Monero is more than $150 with a $41 million day trading volume. The circulation supply exceeds 18 million XMR and grows steadily due to the absence of the upper limit. According to the market cap, Monero is moving to the top. The USDT price is stable and equal to $1 with a day trading volume of more than $20 000 000 000. According to the capitalization value, it is in the top ten with a circulating supply of more than 82 000 000 000 USDT coins and it also does not have an upper limit. Thus, Monero guarantees complete security and anonymity of the users, while USDT protects them from volatility. This becomes a reality due to the ring signatures and stealth addresses in the case of Monero. These technologies make it impossible to track the transactions or their amount. As for USDT, it is fully backed by fiat dollars and this eliminates volatility from this concept. During its existence, Monero has experienced only slight volatility and does not have any sharp changes in price. As for USDT, there were some issues but systems were able to restore its value to the guaranteed $1. Therefore, both coins remain popular and widely used by both traders and investors who often swap them.

Convert XMR to USDT fast with Exolix

If you need to convert XMR to USDT, you will need a reliable exchange like Exolix. The thing is that starting from 2019 many platforms eliminated Monero from their lists due to security issues. To avoid illegal actions, such platforms have introduced KYC and AML procedures. However, it is not suitable for XMR, which guarantees full protection and aims to hide all the sensitive data of the client. Thus, it is not compatible with these protocols. Thus, the task to swap XMR to USDT becomes a challenging one nowadays. The user has to look for a trustworthy exchange with the following characteristics: a wide set of available coins including Monero and USDT; a fast and safe service with transparent rules and affordable fees; a user-friendly interface that is convenient and understandable; a professional support team with different means of communication. For instance, Exolix corresponds to all these features and provides an excellent fast service. Moreover, it has a fixed rate function that protects users from volatility during one hour after the beginning of the transaction. On average, one operation lasts from 5 to 30 minutes, so there will be no need to worry about an unexpected outcome. Such a high level of protection and care for the users is definitely a beneficial thing. In addition, this exchange also does not ask for any personal details and does not have limits for the transactions. Therefore, one can act here freely and enjoy the service that makes the protection of Monero even higher and more reliable. There will be no KYC and AML procedures, and XMR will stay always available. This is great news, as the number of platforms that work with this coin is not very significant. Therefore, do not hesitate to convert XMR to USDT on Exolix. Visit the platform to learn more about its features, follow live prices of the coins and stay alert and ready for a profitable transaction. On this exchange, you get all the required instruments for all operations and support in case of any issues.

Exchange XMR to USDT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is verification required for the XMR to USDT exchange?dropwdown arrow icon

No, Exolix is a secure and anonymous crypto exchange service.

Are there additional XMR to USDT swap fees?dropwdown arrow icon

The service does not charge any hidden or unreasonable fees.