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Advantages of Our Exchange Service

Complete Anonymity

We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality as the main idea of cryptocurrency

Fixed rates

The system fixes the exchange rate at the beginning of the transaction, thus, users are protected from market variations

No registration

Nobody has to create an account to complete a successful transaction

No limits

We do not have maximum limits, which allows everyone to exchange any amount of cryptocurrencies

Fast and easy process

The whole process is fast and easy, as our main goal is to make the exchange process as convenient as possible

Reliable Support

Our support is online 24/7 to assist you with any questions related to our service

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Clients About Us

My experience was amazing
My experience was amazing! In just minutes, a smooth transaction was completed, just as I hoped for. THANKS Exolix!
I got my coins back and recommend this service
Absolutely recommended this service. Once I forgot to specify the MEMO tag when filling in the data for a transaction. I immediately went to read the Terms, because know that other services do not return coins in such a case. In Terms, it was also written that in this case, the coins may be lost through the fault of the client. I already mentally parted with my coins, but still wrote to the support service. I was pleasantly surprised that the support manager was immediately on my side and did everything to get my coins back. After this incident, I made several exchanges through Exolix and everything was successful. Fast, easy and smooth.
Easy to use and fast exchanges!
Easy to use and fast exchanges!
A bad, frustrating experience, but did receive full refund after 2 1/2 days
I initiated an exchange. I sent the funds & there was blockchain confirmation within minutes. Since I have had problems with other exchanges when sent funds were only slightly less (due to network fees), I try to make sure to always send a little more. With severely rising ETH gas fees, I ended up overcompensating, and sending a bit extra than usual. Although it was only about $3 over... seems like a very small deviation (about 1.4%). After an hour, the exchange status was still not showing that funds were received, so I sent a message to support (through the website contact form), with the transaction ID and indicating the slightly higher amount sent. After 12 more hours, with no funds or reply received, I sent another message, including the transaction hash for the sent funds. After another 7 hours, still with no funds or reply received, I found an email address (I did not see any on the website) and sent an email with all the information. After about 14 more hours, I received my first reply (this was now about 34 hours after sending funds for the exchange). After another 19 hours, I received a second email indicating that a coin refund would be sent to me, and asking me to confirm the refund address. After replying with my confirmation, after 30 minutes I received a reply indicating that the refund coins would be sent within 2 hours. A full refund, in the original/sent coin currency was received after about 30 minutes. From my perspective, refunding the original coin was part of doing the right thing in this case (because of significant price moves of the coin during this time). Even so, I did still have some loss from this (and some serious pain & grief). Without clear, specific information on the Exolix home page about ranges to stay within when sending coins, to avoid delays (if this is what caused the problem in this case), I do not think I did anything wrong with this transaction. From my perspective, if Exolix wants to provide superior customer service (a rare thing these days with anyone), Exolix could turn this into a big advantage... again, from my perspective... by understanding what went wrong, and putting things in place to prevent (or greatly minimize) this happening with other customers. Unless/until that happens, I will not use or recommend Exolix. That said, I know this happens with other instant exchanges as well. I was down to just 2 or 3 others I would even consider using, and now I will not use or recommend them either. For now, I guess I will stick with in-wallet exchanging, even though the rates are usually not quite as good. It will easily be worth it, to avoid this type of situation again. I will certainly reconsider my rating of Exolix, and reconsider using/recommending if they make some visible changes, and follow through with the needed changes to prevent (or greatly minimize) this happening again. (And changes such that if it does happen again, the resolution is much quicker & smoother).

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