Exchange ETH to BTC on Exolix

Exchange ETH to BTC

Fast, secure and privacy-oriented ETH to BTC exchange. Swap ETH to BTC at the best exchange rate with Exolix.

Reliability, convenience, profit - exchange ETC to BTC with Exolix 

One of the most famous and popular exchange services, Exolix, has been operating since 2018, and during this time, it has received many positive reviews from users. The service specializes in automatic round-the-clock processing of transactions and fast and reliable technical support. Registration on the platform is not required. Here, it is possible to convert ETC to BTC and other pairs of cryptocurrencies without leaving any personal information.

Exolix platform

Today there is a wide range of exchange methods, but many users prefer the Exolix platform. 

How to start?

  • Choose the cryptocurrency pair for exchange. Enter the amount you want. The exchanger will calculate and set the rate

  • Enter your wallet address

  • Send the number of coins to the generated address

  • The conversion will start

  • After the system completes the transaction, you receive the money and the transaction details

Exolix servers are synchronized only with trusted payment gateways. 

Features of exchange ETC to BTC

Using our service, you can always be sure of the reliability and safety of our services. Security and confidentiality are the credos of our company. The most valuable human resource is time.

  • Security - Personal data is encrypted, and your digital assets are stored in your wallets.

  • Speed - Fast verification, instant conversion, and sending of cryptocurrencies.

  • Reliability - 24/7 customer assistance, numerous positive feedbacks from customers. Exchange time from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Convenience - Intuitive interface, global reach, accessibility from anywhere in the world. 


With Exolix service, you can use your time rationally because you can exchange cryptocurrency with us in just a few minutes at the most favorable rates, without hidden commissions and additional fees. We work not only with high quality but also fast.

Exchange ETH to BTC

Fast, secure and privacy-oriented Ethereum to Bitcoin exchange. Swap ETH to BTC at the best exchange rate with Exolix.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Exchange ETH to BTC Safely? dropwdown arrow icon

On the Exolix platform, you can exchange ETH for BTC without revealing your identity. No KYC verification, passport, or location data is required. You will only need the wallet address. Therefore, all your information remains with you.

Is There Any Limit for ETH/BTC Exchange? dropwdown arrow icon

There are no quantitative restrictions or limits on Exolix. We prefer to operate without barriers so that our service can be used by customers of any category. You can exchange any amount, from the smallest, and there’s no upper limit.

Can I Trade ETH for BTC on Exolix? dropwdown arrow icon

Yes, trading ETH for BTC on Exolix is possible.

Why Is Exolix the Best Place for ETH/BTC Swap?dropwdown arrow icon

Our platform provides users with a high speed of execution of exchange orders, anonymity, a simple and intuitive interface, a fixed exchange rate, and a huge choice among currency pairs. All these characteristics make Exolix attractive.