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Coin info
24h Volume$71437884.86
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Market Cap$527780769.24
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Coin supply21000000.00
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24h % price9.32%
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It may seem that each cryptocurrency guarantees anonymity. However, its’ level can be quite different and many coins that are based on the Bitcoin code give more than the initial option. One such project is Zcash (ZEC) that was launched in 2016 and shows stable popularity. This decentralized project utilizes the zk-SNARK technology that helps to hide all the sensitive data about the transactions that are made inside the network. In addition, this is more than other similar projects can give. The latter are somehow pseudonymous. They do not show the identity of the user at once. However, using the available public address one can find out real people who did any transaction or swap. As for Zcash (ZEC), it reliably hides both the addresses of the recipient and the sender. Only during the audit or for some regulatory measures this information can be revealed. Therefore, it is a new word in the crypto world, and no wonder it is gaining popularity.

Zcash Price (ZEC), Market Cap, Price Today

If you are interested in Zcash (ZEC) exchange, follow current live prices. This coin does not have high volatility but still it is present at some level. Thus, it is better to keep abreast. The market cap, for now, exceeds $722 million. The supply in circulation is quite high and is more than 16 million coins from the maximum of 21 million. This fact contributes to the interest of investors and the gradual growth of the price. At the same time, developers try to do their best to influence miming and to prevent the quick growth of supply. Therefore, it is recommended to follow prices and charts closely to stay aware of any important changes in Zcash’s (ZEC) position. Then, you will understand how to benefit from it and what transactions are worth making, and when. The main benefit that is associated with Zcash (ZEC) is an incomparable level of anonymity. You can utilize one of the two available transactions:

  • The transparent type is similar to the Bitcoin system. It utilizes public addresses and records them. Therefore, the parts of the transaction as well as the amount sent are not a secret. Anyone can find out this information and use it. Of course, a public address is available but there are means to determine the connection with a real person. That is why this type is referred to as pseudonymous.
  • Specific shielded Zcash (ZEC) transactions use unique zero-knowledge technology and enable complete anonymity of any transaction sent via a public blockchain. The recording of the procedure happens but the data on the important detail remains completely hidden. This fact contributes to the popularity and attractiveness of the coin.

Therefore, Zcash (ZEC) users are able to enjoy all the benefits of a decentralized modern currency combined with complete anonymity. No one will care what they send and convert, when, and to whom, and this is exactly the reality that has been promised by the developers of the first crypto.

Convert ZEC with lowest fees

Nowadays the interest in Zcash (ZEC) is encouraged by the fact that this token is scarcely mineable. The whole supply is 21 million from which we already have more than 16 million in the market. Novel coins are made as block parts: when a new part is mined and appeared in the blockchain, some coins are minted. They are divided between the miner and the founders as 80:20 respectively. The subsidy is decreased regularly to stop the crypto from reaching its maximum supply in the nearest future. This fact only increases its popularity. Still, everyone has a perfect chance to buy or convert Zcash (ZEC) on many modern exchange platforms. Moreover, such platforms as Exolix provide perfect conditions for this, namely:

  • the service is clear and convenient, very fast, and always available;
  • the gas fee is low that makes the transactions even more profitable;
  • the platform is reliable and has proved its transparent pricing policy and privacy measures.

After choosing the platform, follow the charts and live price of Zcash (ZEC) to stay alert about the slightest changes. Apply analytical techniques and make favorable transactions. Crypto is our future so it’s better to join it today.

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