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24h Volume$947499641.36
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Market Cap$32385201558.48
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Each cryptocurrency is special in its own way and its developers try to find the way to success. In recent years, different stablecoins have been gaining huge popularity. One of them is the USD Coin (USDC) that is a centralized coin and one of the biggest assets by capitalization in this category. The USD Coin Price is equal to $1 and shows quite a low deviation from this level. Since 2020, it is less than 1% and its’ popularity is rising since that time. How is it possible? The idea is that securities and cash that belong to the regulated financial organizations in the USA support USDC. This backup is more than trustworthy according to the CENTER – the consortium that issues USDC. What about transactions with USDC? Let’s learn more detail about it before swap or buy it. Due to this information, you will understand how to profit from the utilization of USDC.

USD Coin Price History

The USD Coin (USDC) was launched in 2018 by the CENTER consortium. It takes only four years for it to become the second-biggest stablecoin by the cap. Only during 2021, did the asset’s market value rise more than 10 times, and this process is gradually continuing till now. USDC is helpful for the following situations:

  • Stablecoins reduce the risks that are usually associated with crypto and its volatility. They became a helpful tool for on-chain transactions and storage of funds;
  • Both traders and investors utilize them in their strategies, as these coins are present almost at every exchange and enrich the portfolio of the investor;
  • As a decentralized financial instrument, USDC is utilized in different trading protocols that is quite useful, and also made it more popular in line with the popularity of the decentralization concept.

What are the main reasons for such amazing popularity of USDC? First and foremost, the issuers are trusted by the users. The consortium is a big regulated financial institution well-known for its high standards and compliance with laws. Furthermore, the developers created a transparent reporting system that contributes to the reliability of this coin. The funds that secure USDC are kept in the biggest US banks. In addition, an independent auditor regularly checks the situation and gives his conclusion on the value of the asset. No wonder, USD Coin (USDC) is steadily growing in the market cap and is going to reach the leading position among similar options. This is the prediction of experts and the real situation on the market now proves its viability.

Convert USD Coin (USDC) with lowest fees

Generally, the USDC price is equal to $1 with the slightest volatility. Its’ market cap exceeds $41 billion. Nowadays the supply in circulation is more than 41 billion and there is no upper level for it. Theoretically put, the probable USDC amount has no limits. A new coin can be created according to the demand. If someone gives a dollar to purchase it, he will be able to do it anytime. This fact also makes the coin special and attractive. Many exchanges, like Exolix, offer USDC. You can purchase it with Bitcoin and then convert it in the market as well. Due to the variety of market options, it is important to find an exchange that corresponds to your needs. Before making a transaction for the first time, check the following:

  • the reliability of the platform and the transparency of its service;
  • the personal data that you have to provide and the guarantees on their security;
  • the gas fees that are applied for different transactions;
  • the variety of coins and the presence of the stablecoins;
  • the fastness and convenience of the service.

For example, Exolix combines all these positive features and enables low fees that make the transactions even more profitable. Moreover, one does not need to register on the platform to make a transaction. Thus, the service is quick, simple, and trustworthy. In terms of reliability, stablecoins are really superior to the other options on the market. They not only swiftly gained their popularity but also succeeded in maintaining and increasing their level. Follow news on USD Coin (USDC) and keep in touch with the trend that changed the idea about crypto and its volatility.

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