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Coin info
24h Volume$1449015.00
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Market Cap$0.00
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Coin supply-
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24h % price1.05%
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Exchange STRAX instantly on Exolix

The profitability of cryptocurrency transactions depends on their average velocity. One glance at a standard STRAX price chart is enough to understand its importance. In the world of digital currencies, velocity trumps everything. Minutes often weigh more than days on slower markets. A fantastic deal becomes a spectacular failure within mere hours. Hence, how to buy STRAX with maximal quickness? Thankfully, this question does come with a simple answer — choose a trustworthy instant exchange platform, which will allow you to swap Stratis (STRAX) as quickly as possible. In other words, choose Exolix.

How to buy Stratis (STRAX)?

Exolix is an instant exchange platform designed to swap cryptocurrencies on the go. To achieve such an appealing but difficult goal, we removed all barriers between the user and the actual transaction procedure. Our exchange service offers the following features:

  • No KYC system;
  • No account necessary to convert STRAX tokens;
  • Limitless exchanges;
  • Intuitive interface.

As you can see, the provided conversion approach is indeed optimized for maximal swiftness. From now on you don’t have to waste time on distracting exchange protocols. On the contrary, with Exolix you are free to swap STRAX coins without restraints.

How to sell Stratis (STRAX)?

Follow this guide to learn how to sell STRAX via Exolix:

  1. Go through the list of available coins in the exchange menu until you find STRAX and the coin you wish to get;
  2. Select the STRAX transaction rate:
  3. Enter the number of STRAX coins, which you will be converting. The system will calculate the number of coins that you will receive according to the STRAX price including the network fee;
  4. Convert STRAX by starting the exchange and depositing STRAX coins into the generated wallet;
  5. The actual exchange procedure lasts 15 minutes.

Convert STRAX with lowest fees

Exolix charges no fees except for the network ones. The said fees are rather low according to the standards of the industry. However, you may lower the price of every exchange by becoming an Affiliate Partner. This option, which may be acquired within 5 minutes, will allow you to receive additional cuts from all affiliated exchanges. Hence, it will make it possible to exchange STRAX under even more profitable conditions thanks to Exolix!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Exolix is a fast, anonymous, reliable and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange built by crypto enthusiasts, for crypto enthusiasts. Exolix offers an intuitive interface, secure transactions, favorable exchange rates. The service does not charge any hidden or unreasonable fees. We are a group of multi-disciplinary cryptocurrency professionals.