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Coin info
Coin info
24h Volume$12783395.69
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Market Cap$1481355143.83
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Coin supply50000000000.00
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24h % price0.80%
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HBAR represents one of the most successful attempts to add even more innovation to the already cutting-edge cryptocurrency sphere. Thanks to its distributed ledger technology, it works with incredibly low fees, provides faster transactions than BTC, and makes it possible to convert tokens with even greater efficiency. One look at an HBAR price chart is enough to understand that HBAR is full of potential. Therefore, it is only natural that HBAR is available for exchange on Exolix — a leading exchange platform with an impeccable reputation, high-security standards, and user-oriented services.

How to buy HBAR?

Exolix allows you to swap HBAR with ease, eschewing many complications, such as obligatory account registration and integration, multi-staged verification, and special procedures geared toward the protection of your data. However, how to buy HBAR without an account? The answer is very simple: the only thing you need to swap cryptocurrencies on Exolix is a wallet. You don’t have to create an account, log in, or prove your credentials: all exchanges are anonymous, tied only to your wallet, and lightning-fast.

How to sell HBAR?

Furthermore, one of the main goals of our platform is to provide an optimal user experience. Therefore, we offer you an intuitively understandable interface with clean-cut features: even a novice may convert HBAR within mere minutes. Here is a concise guide that will help you understand how to sell HBAR on Exolix without creating an account:

  1. Find the exchange menu.
  2. Select HBAR in the first column.
  3. In the second column select the token you desire to purchase using your HBAR.
  4. Select an exchange rate. You are free to switch between fixed and floating rates. Fixed rates are optimized for especially volatile cryptocurrencies. They allow traders to “freeze” the price. Hence, you can swap HBAR as if the HBAR price was fixed during the transaction.
  5. Decide how many HBAR tokens you are willing to spend.
  6. Deposit your tokens to the wallet address, which will be generated specifically for this transaction.
  7. A typical exchange lasts 10-15 minutes. If you wish to exchange HBAR in especially high quantities, prepare to wait a few minutes longer.

Once your HBAR exchange is finished, you can continue making a profit via Exolix!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Exolix is a fast, anonymous, reliable and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange built by crypto enthusiasts, for crypto enthusiasts. Exolix offers an intuitive interface, secure transactions, favorable exchange rates. The service does not charge any hidden or unreasonable fees. We are a group of multi-disciplinary cryptocurrency professionals.