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Coin info
24h Volume$41157446.52
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Market Cap$2200994245.69
Coin info
Coin supply3175000000.00
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24h % price-0.56%
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Exchange FTM instantly on Exolix

Fantom (FTM) should be considered a rather special case among modern cryptocurrencies. Deemed a potential Ethereum killer, FTM has managed to provide exceptionally fast transactions with significantly reduced fees. However, its further progress has been hampered because of the recent explosion of cryptocurrencies with a similar emphasis on lightning-fast exchanges, such as Solana. Nonetheless, even a glance at the FTM price chart is enough to reassure even the most risk-aversive investors: despite some problems, FTM remains a promising choice in terms of diversification.

How to buy Fantom (FTM)?

If you consider the FTM price affordable enough to exchange it, you should visit Exolix — a leading decentralized exchange platform oriented toward the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. You shouldn’t worry that you will be unable to understand how to buy FTM: the exchange process is optimized so that all crucial stages are performed by specialized software. For instance, our users mustn’t worry about the conditions of the deal: one may convert FTM while being 100% sure that the provided offer is the most beneficial in the market. By selecting Exolix for your FTM conversion, you receive:

  • Fixed swap rates in addition to conventional floating exchange rates;
  • Account-less exchanges;
  • High standards of network security;
  • Appealing fees.

How to sell Fantom (FTM)?

If you are interested in how to sell FTM through Exolix, bear in mind that this is a splendidly simple and swift procedure. All you need to do to swap Fantom (FTM) is follow these steps:

  1. Go to the conversion menu and select the pair of coins, which will be converted.
  2. Determine how many FTM tokens you want to convert.
  3. Select one of the two available conversion rates (you may switch between fixed and floating transaction rates for increased efficiency).
  4. Exchange FTM by starting the transaction and depositing your FTM coins in the provided wallet address.
  5. The actual conversion process lasts no longer than 15 minutes. Once it is finished, you may deposit the obtained tokens elsewhere or convert them further, according to your needs.

Convert Fantom (FTM) with higher effectiveness

Additionally, you may benefit from the Affiliate program, which is designed to provide optimal investment experience and obtain a cut from all associated transactions.

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