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Coin info
24h Volume$16600844.24
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Market Cap$358265979.86
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Coin supply18900000.00
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24h % price-0.37%
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Each open-source blockchain product is aiming to be unique and attractive. For example, DASH was launched as an ambitious concept of a fast and affordable global decentralized network for payments. The developers dreamed to make the previously existing similar projects like Bitcoin better via stronger privacy and quicker transactions. The launch of DASH (the abbreviation of digital cash) happened in 2014. At that time, it was a fork of Litecoin (LTC). However, the project was developing rapidly and gained such useful features as a two-tier network, incentivized nodes and masternodes, unique governance, instant payments, the immutability of transactions, and additional layers of privacy. Do you want to learn more about this cryptocurrency, but it or swap on the exchange? Then it is high time to do this. Here we are going to share valuable basics on the topic.

Dash (DASH) Price and Charts

The developers of DASH wanted their project to become scalable and popular. Therefore, they carefully thought over new features that may interest the target audience. Among them is a network of masternodes. These special servers are included in the system and provide advanced security services. Based on this idea, other unique features of DASH were also gradually introduced. What about prices and volatility? For DASH, they are quite attractive and many users convert it periodically according to the situation in the market. The current market cap exceeds $776 million. The supply in circulation is above 11 million coins while the maximum is 18.9 million. Therefore, the coin still remains attractive and continues to grow in price. DASH is interesting for both individuals and companies of different scales. In 2020, DASH Core Group included in its strategic plan the building of the special ecosystem and brand. They are aimed to satisfy the users and further advance the existing technologies. If we compare DASH and Bitcoin, we will see the difference in the following points:

  • DASH transactions are very fast (one block creation takes only 2.5 minutes). Several seconds are needed to get the confirmation of the transaction;
  • There is a built-in PrivatSend tool that claims to give higher protection of personal data and a higher security level than is known for other similar projects;
  • There are unique masternodes that are related to privacy and fastness and proved themselves to be an efficient modern tool;
  • DASH utilizes a combination of cryptographic algorithms, not only one of them;
  • Mining is combined with less energy consumption;
  • The decentralized mechanism involves all the users of the network in the decision0-making processes.

To develop the project further on decentralized governance utilizes 10% of the block rewards. Due to this fact, some funded organizations were created. Moreover, there is DASH Foundation that cares about donations, memberships, and similar issues.

Convert DASH

Those who would like to convert or purchase DASH can do it on many popular exchanges. Trading is possible with the utilization of fiat currencies, other cryptos, and stablecoins. The main thing for any transaction is to choose a secure and reliable exchange with favorable conditions. For instance, such platform as Exolix provides its clients with the following service:

  • low gas fees that contribute to your benefits;
  • clear and transparent rules;
  • fixing the price at the first step of the transaction;
  • safety of your personal data;
  • ability to make a transaction without registration.

Therefore, study the service carefully before trusting it with your money and time. Its quality also determines your success and profit. As for DASH, this coin seems to be promising and the developers really give the users everything that they promised. Moreover, the project continues its development, adds new features, and does its best to remain in its current position and improve it as much as possible. Therefore, use the information given above, study charts and prices of DASH, and follow the trend. No one can predict the crypto market for sure. Thus, there is always a place for a new strong player.

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