zkSync (ZK) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030

zkSync (ZK) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2040

Current price$0.1607
Market cap$849,318,942
Circulating supply3,675,000,000 ZK
Maximum supply21,000,000,000 ZK
Daily trading volume$653,376,049
All-time high$0.3098 (17/06/24)
All-time low$0.1904 (18/06/24)

ZkSync is a layer 2 protocol developed by Matter Labs to enable scalable and low-cost payments on the Ethereum blockchain. The zkSync network puts security, best user experience and developer experience at the forefront. According to the release of zkSync version 1.0 on the Ethereum network on June 15, 2020 (which delivered ~300 TPS transaction throughput), Matter Labs is currently focused on developing zkSync 2.0 with two main goals: Smart contract capabilities through supporting Solidity and Zinc Increased throughput to 20,000+ TPS via zkPorter, a protocol combining zkRollups and sharding.

zkSync (ZK) Price Prediction 2024-2030

2024$ 0.16833
2025$ 0.176747
2026$ 0.185584
2027$ 0.194863
2030$ 0.225578

Given the current market downturn, many buyers see the current period as an excellent opportunity to buy promising assets ahead of the bull market. In 2024, many events, including the prices of major assets, could affect our ZKsync ZK price forecast.

ZKsync Era enables scalable and accessible transactions through unique “cryptographic proofs of trust.” It targets the two main problems of blockchains: speed and accessibility.

ZKsync recently introduced ZK Stack, a tool that helps developers implement their own blockchains using ZKsync technology. This product can significantly expand the reach and impact of a project, making it more attractive to new investors, which can significantly impact the value of the asset.

Developers who use this product can significantly influence the increase in demand for the token. Therefore, we predict that by 2024, the ZKsync token could rise significantly from its current price of $0.24. This forecast is based on the assumption that the platform will continue to launch new features and updates while attracting more users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is zkSync a good investment?dropwdown arrow icon

At this point, it is too early to draw conclusions on whether ZK is a good investment. But some crypto market analysts have already shared their positive price forecasts for zkSync tokens. The zkSync asset has a short history, so it is difficult to predict whether the price will rise or fall.

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