When Is The Next Crypto Bull Run? (2023)

When Is The Next Crypto Bull Run? (2023)


Everybody is aware of the cryptocurrency world for its ability to be unpredictable and changeable. However, it still provides people with opportunities for getting considerable gains. Taking into account the latest splash of Bitcoin and different cryptos, lots of investors question whether we are in full swing of a crypto bull run. In this article, we will figure out the definition of a bull run, how long it lasts, what factors promote a bull run, and give a response to the "when is the next crypto bull run 2023" question.

What Do Crypto Bull Runs Mean?

A crypto bull run, likewise known as a bull market, is utilized interchangeably to point out that the price of assets or valuable papers, for instance, cryptocurrencies or stocks, is increasing fast in an uptrend. There are no distinctions between a crypto bull run and the traditional market. As a rule, a bull run is characterized by the expectation of investors to get benefits from an asset's price increase that grants significant profit from their initial capital. When a crypto bull run occurs, the price of cryptocurrencies commonly is growing significantly. There is a need to mention that a bull run is ordinarily preceded by a period of consolidation. This implies the price of an asset commonly stabilizes after a period of volatility. This, in turn, may be an indicator of a forthcoming bull market. Nevertheless, the bull market hasn't been activated yet.

Factors Promoting to Crypto Bull Market

To respond to the "when is the next crypto bull run expected" matter, it is worth sorting out what factors contribute to a crypto bull market. Plenty of reasons first of all drive the crypto bull run. Some of them are: Demand and offer. The interest of the depositors and traders can affect the demand for crypto assets, resulting in prices rising or lowering. The mood of market news. Beneficial partnerships, optimistic bulletins, interesting projects, or technology implementation that arouses the interest of investors will commonly raise the asset's price. Institutional acceptance. This means the usefulness of cryptocurrency that may create a wave effect on retail users to make them switch to mass implementation. Factors connected with politics and economics. Economic development and stability in politics contribute to cryptocurrency implementation and expanding access to financial services. Shortage of alternative investment. Under conditions of uncertainty sedentary and low-income assets are less popular, leading to a sharp increase in volatility of highly profitable assets such as crypto. As the demand rises, the price of crypto will usually rise as well. Interest rate and inflation. Higher interest rates commonly imply it is simpler for a depositor who has free money to invest in speculative and riskier assets, for instance, highly liquid cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, aside from the above-mentioned factors, there are lots of additional factors that may lead to a crypto bull run. This totality of reasons launches the crypto bull market. In comparison with the traditional market, crypto is pretty new. Thereby, it may be complicated to predict exactly when a bull market will happen and grant the answer to the "when is the next crypto bull run?" question.

Duration of Crypto Bull Market

The duration of a crypto bull run in the cryptocurrency market can differ greatly. Certain crypto bull runs may last for several weeks only. At the same time, other crypto bull markets may last for a few years. Like factors that may promote a crypto bull run, there are likewise factors that determine the duration of a crypto bull market. Some of these factors are:

  • Moods of depositors;
  • Institutional acceptance;
  • Regulations;
  • Basic principles;
  • Impact of politics.

Usually, the stronger the positive mood, the higher the probability the crypto market will maintain a bull run over a long period. As a rule, periodic correction is unavoidable. Also, the crypto price may decrease before going up again. This is an ordinary trajectory and there is no need to interpret it as an indicator that the crypto bull run has finished.

How Often Crypto Bull Runs May Occur

Crypto bull runs may occur for many years with rare frequency. Because the crypto market brags about volatility, bull runs may happen everywhere. Depending on the market, you may either await several bull runs or pass through a long period of bearish conditions before a reversal occurs. The duration of a bull run differs depending on the optimism and depositor's certainty in the digital assets. The more positive agiotage around the asset, the longer the crypto bull run will last. It may last from a week to several months. However, a bull run will last for a few years without a correction with a low probability. The cryptocurrency market is famous for its volatility. This implies asset prices may fluctuate fast. For instance, Bitcoin prices may take off more than 100% unexpectedly and without warning during a bull run.

When Is The Next Big Crypto Bull Run?

Recently, a lot of rumors and presumptions are on the internet concerning the next bull run. Many people are interested in “will there be another crypto bull run”? While there are no specific predictions regarding the time the next crypto bull run will happen, some experts have carried out the analysis and have their own opinions on this matter. When is the next predicted crypto bull run? Based on experts' viewpoints and empirical market behavior, the next crypto bull market will happen approximately during Bitcoin's halving event, which is awaited to happen in 2024. Nevertheless, certain experts predict that the bull run may occur already in 2023.


To sum up we can say that whether you are a trader or investor, it is vital to bear in mind that the cryptocurrency market is greatly volatile and unpredictable. No one will provide you with an absolute answer when the next crypto bull run occurs. Still, careful research and a clear comprehension of the risks connected may influence your return on investment. It is advisable to diversify your portfolio and make investments in what you can permit to lose.

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