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TRON (TRX) Price Prediction For 2022, 2025, 2030


TRX, a relatively new asset on the crypto block, has been quite a successful one. It is quick, convenient and possesses its own blockchain, and has so far created wholesome conditions in the media market.

Being a native token on the Tron Network, TRX has provided a viable option and is a formidable alternative to big chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its 3-tier architecture has provided investors with a high sense of security to investors who have been trooping en masse into the network

What is TRON Crypto

TRON is one of the top cryptocurrencies on the blockchain that has helped facilitate everyday transactions. At its launch in July 2017, it only traded at a meager $0.0014 but ever since then, we have witnessed its rise from being a relatively unknown cryptocurrency to one that has become a successful platform for both media content and market decentralization.

TRON is a blockchain-based project curated with the intention of being a digital entertainment platform. Its progenitor is the TRON Foundation led by its CEO, Justin Sun. Tron is heavily used within the Tron Dapps platform as a medium to help facilitate payment of fees and it’s also deployed as the backbone for other smart contracts. 

How to Buy TRX

  1. Select a TRX Wallet: Selecting a TRX wallet is now possible and easy as Tron now has its own blockchain with every user assigned a personalized wallet. There are a few options available to you to possibly choose from ranging from Exodus to ledger to Tronwallet for mobile amongst others. 

With a ledger, you get a hardware wallet that helps you store your digital assets like TRON and others offline safely. It is compatible with different wallets and has two models namely, the Nano S and the Nano X. 

The Tron wallet For Mobile is recommended by the Tron Foundation. It is easy to use, doesn’t require you to sign up, and is available on both iOS and Android-enabled devices. 

The Exodus wallet takes it a step further by being available on MacBook, Windows, and Linux devices. Like the ledger wallet, it is also a multi-currency wallet that helps you exchange coins from within the wallet itself. 

  1. Locate an address: After setting up your wallet, you will need to locate an address. An address in crypto terms is a long string of letters and numbers that serves as a location in which your crypto assets are stored. In the case of the Tron Blockchain, every wallet address begins with a capital T.

  2. Proceed to buy on your preferred exchange: You can decide to go about this by purchasing it through its trading pair with either Bitcoin or Ethereum but if you would rather buy it using fiat, your options are trickled down to only a few worthy exchanges.

  • Bitpanda: This enables you to buy Tron instantly via web or app, they offer a wide range of services with convenient fees and they also offer a plethora of cryptocurrency trading services. 

  • Bitfinex: This allows you to buy cryptocurrency with either Euros or Dollars. It has convenient fees and it’s the best bet for experienced traders looking for a user-friendly exchange.

  • Binance: Reserving the best for the last they say, but this is the best place to buy your Tron. Having come on leaps and bounds from its inception in 2017, it has grown into one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges around and offers convenient crypto trading services

  1. Withdraw to your wallet: This is advised to ensure that your Tron assets are safe. Exchanges are usually hot targets for hackers and you wouldn’t want to be their prey. Withdrawing your wallet is the way to go to ensure that only you have access to your coins. 

TRON Price History

Tron's rise to the top kickstarted in late 2018 with it being bearish for the most part of the year, consolidating in 2019 before finally gaining the much-needed momentum in 2020 with it currently having an ROI of over 2,500%. Speaking of 2020, it began the year at a low price point of about $0.0124 and then hiked to about $0.035 to finish the year strongly. 

It continued on its upward trajectory in 2021 and hit an all-time high of $0.183 in the second quarter of 2021. Though it hasn’t reached its peak ever since then, it is left to see if it will capitalize on its potential and make a similar surge once again. 

Screenshot at Sep 20 11-27-00.png

TRX Coin Price Prediction Chart


TRX Forecast For Long Term

It remains to be seen what will be of TRON but as analysts, we can only forecast while peering into the future. In lieu of that, coin price forecast has provided a long-term TRX Price prediction. These Tron Crypto Price Predictions are for the period of 2022 right up until 2033.

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TRON Price Prediction 2022

Currently, TRON is being swayed due to the correspondent shift in value of its network stablecoin, USDT. However, should there be a change in fortunes, we could see TRON doing well for itself for the remainder of the year. The TRX Coin Price Prediction for the remainder of the year is hinged on hopes that it could reach $0.10 but realistic and technical analyses currently show that it just might peak for the year at around $0.087 with maximum and minimum price points of $0.075 and $0.087 respectively. 

TRON Price Prediction 2025

There are massive pointers towards a strong bullish run in 2025, with Bitcoin set to half in 2024. In light of that, 2025 currently looks promising with TRON tipped to post a massive growth rate. If the current technical analysis is anything to go by, we could see an average price of $0.24 by the mid-point of the said year and hitting $0.25 in the other half of it. 

Investors should however note that following the current TRON Price Prediction without any personal followership or understanding of the TRX price forecast is a big risk and could lead to avoidable losses. 

TRON Price Prediction 2030

It's been a long time coming, but experts are finally ready to have their say as to how they see 2030 playing out. The TRX Price Prediction for the said year is one in which they expect TRX to trade for at least $1.56 with a peak of $1.87. These numbers follow the projection that cryptocurrency adoption would have been normalized at that point. Another thing that contributes to the current price forecast is the expectation on volatility rates to drop significantly. 2030 looks like a good year for TRX to average at around $1.61 

Screenshot at Sep 20 11-27-49.png

Should You Invest in TRON?

Now that we have seen the respective Tron coin price predictions, we can answer this question. If the current numbers and the future projections behind TRON are anything to go by, then an investment in it is a viable option and has a very promising outlook. It looks like a promising asset to invest a couple of Dollars on if you would like a long-term investment. Experts advise that you do your own research on assets such as TRX as the crypto market is always volatile. 

The over 3.5bn transactions processed on the Tron blockchain since its launch speak volumes of its promise as it sits second only to the Ethereum blockchain in terms of transaction volume. With a current price point of $0.061 which is seen by many as an undervaluation, it's certainly one to keep an eye on. 

What is the Future of the TRX Coin

With its massive adoption and mainstream acceptance, the future looks bright for TRON and we are quite bullish about it. Being a highly scalable coin, we are confident in our prediction of it trading at about $1 by the end of the decade, 2030 that is. 

In the near future, we expect TRON and its network as a whole to develop new partnership projects with some of its high-profile partners such as Samsung, increase its online settlements, and to also adjust its technology to support the next generation of media content developers. The Future is bright, we believe in it and we can’t wait for it to unfold right before us. 


Please note that the contents of this article are by no means imposing on anyone or provided to constitute any form of financial or investing advice. The information provided here is only the opinion of the author and should not be treated as trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile one and before committing to any investment, we recommend that you get familiar with local regulations binding in your area and that you research multiple viewpoints before entering any trade of any sort.

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