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Top 10 DEX Screener Tools in 2024


The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) has been developing quickly, and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have acquired substantial popularity. These platforms provide users with the capability to trade cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in a non-custodial, trustless manner. Since the DeFi space keeps on expanding, the necessity for effective DEX screener instruments becomes paramount. These tools assist traders and investors in discovering the best prospects and remaining informed about market trends. In 2024, a few DEX screener tools can become irreplaceable resources for DeFi enthusiasts with a high probability. In this article, we will investigate the top 10 DEX screener tools to pay attention to.

What is DEX Screener?

Before proceeding to the list of the best DEX screener tools, there is a need to find out what they mean. A DEX screener is an instrument employed in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) to analyze and compare diverse decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It delivers information on trading pairs, liquidity, volume, and other metrics, permitting users to make knowledgeable decisions when trading cryptocurrencies on these platforms.


DEXTools is a widespread DEX screener that wraps up numerous DEXs and chains. It delivers real-time information on trading pairs, historical data, and whale alerts. DEXTools is famous for its user-friendly interface and is a powerful resource for traders desiring to be aware of market conditions. represents a DEX aggregator that lets trading tokens. However, you can likewise utilize it to analyze diverse DEXes. This instrument displays the most active trading pools across numerous DEX platforms, in particular, Uniswap, SushiSwap, and others. You can even regard a list of the most actively traded tokens on every blockchain sustained. For every token, supplies information such as price, liquidity, supply, etc. This instrument is more appropriate for experienced DeFi users than for novices.

Uniswap Info

For numerous individuals in the decentralized finance space, Uniswap is the best-decentralized exchange they may employ. If that description suits you, it is worth trying Uniswap Info. This is a platform that aggregates information from the Uniswap protocol and shows it in an intuitive package.

DEX Screener

This instrument permits you to analyze DEXes across multiple blockchain networks. There is no necessity to be a DeFi specialist since this instrument suggests all required information through a simple-to-comprehend interface. Aside from the web version, you have the possibility to download the DEX Screener application to investigate diverse DEX platforms from your smartphone. It is obtainable on Google Play and the App Store.

This instrument is most appropriate for Binance Chain users. is an easy platform supplying price charts for the various tokens traded on DEXes on the Binance Chain network. Users can attach their Binance Chain wallets to and visualize price charts for the tokens in their wallets. The tool has fewer features in comparison to other platforms, but it can be handy for traders transacting on the Binance Chain.


DexCheck is regarded as a platform intended to grant a comprehensive analysis of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto transactions that are based on blockchain. Among the provided features, DexCheck likewise comprises a crypto whale tracker. This instrument allows users to analyze transactions completed by large crypto holders, frequently referred to as “whales,” across diverse blockchains.


DefiLlama delivers a complex overview of the DeFi space, enabling you to keep track of the evolution of diverse blockchains over time. Thus, you can rapidly recognize where DeFi ecosystems are thriving and where they are falling into disrepair. DefiLama grants data on trading volume, DeFi yields, and valuable off-chain data, in particular, funding rounds attracted by DeFi projects. This instrument is perfect for comparing various DeFi protocols, but it should deliver more details about trading pairs on DEX platforms. is a useful platform that delivers instruments of professional level for on-chain analytics. If you desire to receive really detailed information about what’s occurring in the decentralized finance ecosystem, deserves your consideration without a doubt. A prominent peculiarity of the interface is that it is customizable, permitting you to select the data you desire to display, and where it should be shown.


TokenSniffer stands for a unique DEX screener instrument that concentrates on identifying tokens with potential safety threats and vulnerabilities. With the growing number of new tokens joining the DeFi space, TokenSniffer allows users to recognize potential scams and fraud. It is a helpful resource for complex diligence and risk evaluation.

This platform permits users to keep track of tokens on over forty diverse blockchains. It supplies information, in particular, the latest transactions, price charts, the total quantity of buys/sells, and the number of unique buyers/sellers within your specified time frame. If you desire to discover new and popular tokens, assists you in selecting assets with real growth potential. shows just those tokens with the minimum liquidity you establish.

What is the Best Stock Screener for Day Trading?

Among numerous stock screeners accessible currently, Trade Ideas is the best option for day trading. This is thanks to its platform that operates with lightning speed and functionalities based on AI for screening multiple criteria.


In 2024, the DeFi space will surely keep on its notable growth, and DEXs will stay at the forefront of this evolution. To orient this dynamic landscape with ease, DEX screener instruments are of utmost importance. The top 10 DEX screener tools discussed in this article propose a range of features to assist traders and investors in making informed decisions.

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