Pi Network (PI Coin) Price Prediction For 2022, 2025, 2030

Pi Network (PI Coin) Price Prediction For 2022, 2025, 2030


Pi Network (PI Coin) Price Prediction

Since its launch in March 2019, the Pi Network (PI) has attracted a fair bit of attention from the cryptocurrency community. Surprisingly, however, it is not currently available for purchase on any crypto exchange. As of writing, there are no Pi coins listed anywhere, and the only way to get them yourself is to mine them.

Perhaps this goes some way towards explaining the coin’s popularity. There is a feeling of exclusivity and novelty around this coin that is unlike any other. If you want to add a slice of Pi to your crypto portfolio, the only way is to do so using a mobile app—more on that in a moment!

Predicting the future performance of this coin presents an interesting challenge. Since it isn’t yet available for purchase, the Pi coin’s current value is $0, making it difficult to predict in which direction it’s going to go. Nonetheless, by examining the trajectory of other popular altcoins, analysts have been able to forecast price predictions for the rest of 2022 and the coming years.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Pi and its predicted value for 2022, 2025, and 2030, read on!

What is Pi Network Crypto?

Before discussing the topic of Pi coin price prediction, we’ll explain the Pi network and its unusual coin a little bit more. We will discuss not only what the Pi network is, but also what has driven such fervent interest in it over the three years it has been around.

Pi coins are famously easy to mine from your mobile phone. In theory, so long as you have a smartphone, there’s nothing stopping you from mining the coin yourself. At this moment in time, there are more than 12,000 active Pi nodes.

The Pi network isn’t only a mining app. It also includes such services as a browser app, which developers can use to test Pi-based applications, and a beta wallet. The Pi wallet boasts an impressive transaction speed of just eight seconds. Users of the Pi network can only own one Pi account, and, at the moment, only people within this ecosystem can trade the coin. Around a quarter of existing Pi coins have been issued to the token’s core development team.

How to Buy Pi Coin

As stated above, the Pi coin is not listed on any cryptocurrency brokers at this moment in time. The only way to acquire the token yourself is to join the mining network. Mining Pi through the app is a fairly simple process.

First, you need to download the Pi network app to your smartphone. Before you can start mining, you have to be invited to the network by a pre-existing member.

Once every day you can open the app and select the lightning button to begin mining the coin. By inviting people to join the network, you can increase your mining speed. After three days of using the application, you can claim the status of Contributor. This can be achieved by inviting 3-5 people to join the network, increasing your speed and earnings.

When using the application, you will also have access to the Pi mainnet, where you can trade your coins with others in the community.

Pi Coin Price History

At the moment, since it’s yet to be listed on any crypto brokers, the Pi coin has a price of $0. The development team has yet to state when the coin will be made public. However, it’s reasonable to assume that once it is listed it will be met with an explosion of popularity, especially since it has already attracted so much interest.

Pi Coin Forecast for Long Term

Now that we’ve explained exactly what the Pi network is and how it works, we’ll spend the rest of this article thinking about how it might perform in the long term. In the following sections, we’ll discuss the Pi price prediction for the rest of 2022, into 2025 and beyond.

Before we begin, we’d like to remind you that these are just predictions and should not be seen as financial advice or an endorsement of Pi. The cryptocurrency market is inherently unpredictable. Therefore, no matter how well-backed and thoroughly researched, no price forecast can ever be one hundred percent reliable.

Pi Network Price Prediction 2022

Given that we’ve yet to gauge the impact of Pi on the market, it’s quite difficult to make a Pi crypto price prediction. Unlike with other altcoins, there is no historical data to form theories or predict future value. Because of this, many analysts err on the side of caution and are fairly reserved when forecasting the future price of the Pi coin.

Nonetheless, a number of analysts have attempted to speculate regarding the predicted performance of the Pi network.

Many expert crypto sites refuse to predict an actual price for the currency. After all, with no historical data to go on, this is a very difficult task. Websites like Capital are optimistic about the network’s viability. Others, such as Currency.com, take a more cautious approach, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the project.

DigitalCoinPrice is one of the very few websites that have offered an actual price prediction for the rest of 2022. They forecast a value of $0.009 by the end of 2022.

Pi Network Price Prediction 2025

What is the Pi coin price prediction for 2025? Given that we don’t have a current value, it’s difficult to say, but we can place a guess as to the movement of the currency on the market.

Assuming Pi becomes available for purchase in the latter part of 2022, as is anticipated, it’s likely that it will rise in value throughout 2023 and 2024. Many altcoins see a similar rise in price within their first couple of years on the exchange market.

Following this pattern, Pi price predictions for 2025 forecast that the price of Pi will begin to level out. The price is unlikely to move much over the course of the year. If this is the case, its price is only likely to rise substantially if it receives attention from influencers or is promoted by the community or developers.

All that being said, it is impossible to make a certain Pi network price prediction for 2025.

Pi Coin Price Prediction 2030

It is difficult to say how Pi will behave by 2030. Hopefully, it will make it through the other side of the current market volatility and reach new heights, consistently rising in value. However, there is every chance that it could perform badly.

On the one hand, in our fast-paced world, more and more people are looking for ways to do business away from their computers, while on the go. Pi’s mobile-focused approach allows for this, which will no doubt give it a boost in popularity.

But on the other hand, crypto mining itself has diminishing returns. Mining using the Pi network is relatively affordable, but miners may still find they’re not making enough to offset factors like inflation and halvings.

Should You Invest in Pi Network?

At the moment, the future of the Pi network is quite uncertain. There is no historical data to analyze, making it difficult to reach any conclusive predictions about its value going forward. Because of this, investing in PI currently represents quite a large risk. Any cryptocurrency investment is inherently risky, but even more so if you’re going in blind.

Waiting to see how Pi performs before placing your money in it is not a bad idea. That being said, the platform shows a lot of promise and has already garnered so much interest from the community. If it does take off, being an early investor will likely put you in a good position.

Ultimately, whether or not you invest in Pi is up to you and your risk tolerance. Whatever decision you make, ensure that it’s founded on solid reasoning and that you’ve thought it over properly.

What is the Future of the Pi Coin?

At this time, it’s difficult to predict the future of PI. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is in a status of extreme volatility and is quite bearish. If the market recovers by the time the Pi coin is made public, it could perform well given the excitement that has already built up around it.

If this happens, PI will hopefully continue to generate the same level of interest and rise in price. Right now, however, it is impossible to say.

Whatever lies ahead for the Pi coin, it will be interesting to see where it goes.


Please keep in mind that the contents of this article should not be received as investing advice by any means. Rather, the views expressed in this article reflect the opinions of the writer only. They should not be interpreted as recommendations or suggestions for investors.

Also, note that we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information presented in this article. Price forecasts should be seen as no more than a rough guide to the possible path a cryptocurrency may take, not a definite statement.

By its very nature, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. All its movements cannot be predicted with one hundred percent accuracy, even when using analysis and historical data to forecast fluctuations in the market. When looking to invest in Solana, or any kind of cryptocurrency, make sure to conduct thorough research beforehand. Only source information from reliable experts, and make sure to consult multiple viewpoints before committing to any purchase.

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