Notcoin (NOT) Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

Notcoin (NOT) Price Prediction 2024 – 2030


Notcoin (NOT) price prediction: is there a bright future for this coin? In the continually developing landscape of cryptocurrencies, Notcoin (NOT) can become a prominent player, enticing investors with its remarkable features and promising potential. Looking to the future, it is of utmost significance to estimate the trajectory of Notcoin’s price from 2024 to 2030. Notcoin is not accessible for purchase right now. Nonetheless, we can have a glance at pivotal factors that can potentially influence its value in the future. Furthermore, we will consider approximate prices for vouchers that can be exchanged for NOT after the launch of the token.

What Is Notcoin?

Notcoin represents a Telegram game bot where players acquire Notcoin coins by pressing on the coin symbol. Participators can assemble teams, invite mates, perform assignments, and partake in ratings. The game was crafted by the efforts of the Open Builders community. Notcoin owes its instant popularity to its uncomplicated design and integration with the Telegram platform. To acquire Notcoin, you are required to install the corresponding bot in Telegram and set about playing. There is the capability to play a team or individually. The major strategy is to press on coins, gather rockets, and employ gas pedals. Furthermore, Notcoin is a new meme coin developed on the TON blockchain. It has the potential to entice an enormous number of holders thanks to the popularity of Telegram. For novices to Notcoin, there is an incredible capability to start with a prize in the form of crypto coins employing unique invitation links.

Information about the Beginning of Notcoin

The Notcoin game emerged for the first time as a closed beta version on Telegram in 2023. Despite being positioned as a “memecoin” without a certain objective, Notcoin rapidly grabbed the attention of more than 650,000 users in just a few weeks. The official launch of Notcoin was carried out in January 2024, ensured by the backing of the TON Foundation. For the first week, a stunning influx of more than 5 million partakers was added. Now, players can invite mates, which is identical to a referral program. Furthermore, you will be able to send your mates a present.

Pivotal Features of Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin serves as an entry-level gateway to the blockchain and digital currency spheres for newcomers. Partakers can mine Notcoins through straightforward clicks, with every interaction carrying out a Notcoin. In addition, the game is supplemented with energy constraints and accelerator items, motivating users to communicate with mates and partake in competitive groups.

What are the Prices for Vouchers?

As already mentioned, the Notcoin token is not directly available for purchase now. Fortunately, Notcoin has opened a pre-market for the NOT token on the Getgems platform. Vouchers can be swapped for NOT after the token launch. According to the information from the announcement, users will be able to convert their Notcoin game balance into NFT vouchers of 10 million and 100 million coins and trade them on Getgems.


A brief conclusion from this table with prices can be made that vouchers with 10 million NOT are purchased for an average of 70 TON (almost $200) in the pre-market. According to estimates, top sales are 100 million NOT – 1000 TON.


Factors Influencing Notcoin (NOT) Price Prediction

An important objective of Notcoin is its possible transition into an admitted cryptocurrency on the TON blockchain. Such an evolution of events will add real value to the Notcoins assembled, making the game more attractive to users of the Telegram platform. Once the Notcoin token is launched, definite factors will influence its price projection.

Regulatory Landscape

Regulatory scrutiny remains a substantial problem for cryptocurrencies. Although some regulations are directed at legitimizing the sector, others craft potential threats. Notcoin’s price movement will be influenced by how regulations will act globally. Clear and favorable regulations can enhance investor confidence and drive up the price.

Technological Developments

The development of blockchain technology and innovations within the Notcoin ecosystem can enormously influence its price. Improvements in scalability, safeness, and simplicity of utilization can draw more users and investors, resulting in a bullish trend.


Notcoin needs to be ready to function in a competitive landscape with other powerful cryptocurrencies. The capability of Notcoin to differentiate itself and deliver excellent features will determine its competitiveness and, hence, its price trajectory.

Adoption Rates

Like all cryptocurrencies, Notcoin’s price will depend on market sentiment and adoption rates. Positive news, robust partnerships, and more expansive utilization can drive prices higher, while negative sentiments or the absence of adoption may result in price stagnation or decline.

Recent News on Notcoin

According to announcements from the last conference, the capability of integrating Notcoin into centralized exchanges was debated. The Notcoin project has already acquired awareness thanks to the capability of obtaining profits without the necessity to carry out an investment. The approximate selling cost of Notcoin was declared at the conference. As of today, the project is registered on CoinMarketCap.


Since Notcoin keeps on gaining momentum and acquiring backing, there is still a query about whether its developers can convert this gaming sensation into a legal cryptocurrency project on the TON blockchain. In conditions of continual uncertainties, closely monitoring Notcoin’s progress is of decisive significance for estimating its definitive viability.

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