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Famous Women in Crypto That You Should Know


2022 was somewhat of a polarizing year for those with a keen interest in cryptocurrencies. Several worrying trends emerged, and some expectations were not met, but on the whole, it all seemed incredibly promising. Not only were significant profits made, but also some barriers were broken.

One such barrier was the overall scarcity of women leading the industry. Recent shifts and changes in the crypto industry saw many women, new and veteran, making a name for themselves. While some came from nothing, others had solid experience, and some just decided to swap their boring office jobs for something much more promising.

In this text, we will focus on the top women in crypto. These are the minds that will shape the future and create a safer, more inclusive cryptocurrency community. We broke down our list into two parts because, for Exolix experts, it made sense to separate influencers from entrepreneurs (although the difference might become less noticeable in the future).

Top 3 Famous Females in Crypto

#1 - Elizabeth Stark (@Starkness on Twitter)

She is a co-creator and the CEO of Lightning Labs, one of the biggest and earliest proponents of scaling in the blockchain. Stark’s company achieved great results due to its drive for innovation and rapid development, and it is considered a pioneer in certain aspects, especially when it comes to scalable transactions. In addition to all that, the 41-year-old New York native works with Coin Center and provides advisory services at Chia.

#2 - Meltem Demirors (@Melt_Dem on Twitter)

You absolutely cannot talk about famous women in the industry without mentioning Demirors. The 34-year-old is the Chief Strategy Officer at CoinShares, one of the biggest cryptocurrency investment firms. Demirors’ determination, biting wit, and fearlessness made her one of the most interesting people to follow on Twitter. By the way, in her latest prediction, Demirors said that in 2023, we would see BTC somewhere between the price points of $15,000 to $30,000.

#3 - Cathie Wood (@CathieDWood on Twitter)

Cathie Wood is both the CEO and CIO at ARK Investment Management (LLC). The assessment management company experienced incredible growth with Wood at the helm. The Los Angeles native is now leading the efforts of the actively managed Exchange Traded Fund to give clients even more benefits in the long run. She has 1.5 million people following her on Twitter alone, which is a very impressive number.

Top 3 Famous Female Crypto Influencers

#1 - Tavonia Evans (@cryptodeeva on Twitter)

Evans actually has a coin that she can call her own. Guapcoin (GUAP) is an altcoin that was created to further empower the black community and promote financial independence. The percentage of women in crypto is low as it is, but the percentage of women of color is even lower. So, Evans’ coin has a special purpose.

#2 - Camila Russo (@CamiRusso on Twitter)

Russo is a published author (her non-fiction book details the rise of Ethereum), a former Bloomberg reporter, and also the creative mind behind The Defiant. This multimedia platform focuses solely on the world of crypto and helps educate, inform, and sometimes even entertain those interested. She is an important voice in the community and one that will no doubt influence how the industry progresses in the future.

#3 Lea Thompson (@girlgone_crypto on Twitter)

Lea’s tech industry background and expertise are very visible. She is a huge advocate for Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Her Twitter feed is full of entertaining content that is easily understood and highly informative. This is the face of the next wave of industry leaders. Thompson is very skilled when it comes to educating people, even those who are far from the target crypto audience, and this is why she is so popular across all social media platforms, including TikTok.

Women in Crypto: Will There Be a Difference in the Future?

Increased involvement of women in the crypto industry is very important. With higher levels of diversity and inclusivity, the crypto economy opens itself to new opportunities that we are all eager to see taking  shape. No matter if they’re a new convert or a longstanding player, we are all looking forward to seeing women in the crypto community grow and succeed.

There’s no doubt that the current generation of women will make the most of the opportunities they are presented with. We can already expect to see more women investing in crypto and more women holding leading roles within the industry. As of right now, we are reaching a breaking point where we see more women entering the field and changing the perception of crypto as a male-dominated industry. The future is bright, and the cryptocurrency industry will no doubt benefit from fresh perspectives.

We predict that 2023 will see the number of females investing in crypto multiply in line with the rise of the more user-oriented approach. Recent data suggest that close to 30% of crypto holders are female, so we expect the number to rise as the exposure and accessibility of digital currencies increase. In 2022, multiple surveys showed that 45% of women know how to buy crypto and plan to do so; thus, we expect that at least 45% of crypto holders will be female in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Women in Crypto?dropwdown arrow icon

Of course, there are! However, there still exists a rather obvious gender gap. Many of the largest and most well-known crypto companies were founded and run by men. However, the Association for Women in Cryptocurrency and other organizations like it are trying to help close this gap and make crypto an equal playing field for everyone.

What Percentage of Women Are Involved in Crypto?dropwdown arrow icon

According to some sources, as many as 37% of cryptocurrency holders are female. In 2021, women in crypto statistics weren’t as great. According to a CoinJournal report, only 21% of crypto users were women.

Who Is the Top Woman in Crypto?dropwdown arrow icon

Out of all the women in crypto, we could easily argue that the top ones are Meltem Demirors and Cathie Wood. This is simply an opinion and should not be taken as gospel. There is no clear-cut favorite, as other people might point to Laura Shin or Lisa Francoeur as the top woman in the industry.

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