Exolix Advent Calendar launching!

Exolix Advent Calendar launching!


Christmas is just around the corner: get into the holiday spirit with Exolix!

The Christmas season is a time of joy, happiness and laughter. We hasten to announce that this year it will not be only Santa who will be handing out gifts, so you can expect a whole bag of crypto goodies from us under the tree.

We invite you to start counting down to Christmas with us. Exolix is launching a 10-day Advent Calendar: 10 days of exclusive surprises, fun and good mood! Every day, starting from December 15 until Christmas Eve, every Exolix user will have the opportunity to win cool prizes.

How will it work?

From December 15 to December 24, every day we will publish various tasks for users and will give prizes for their successful completion. The tasks will be surprisingly varied and universal - everyone will find something for themselves.

Each contest will be active for only 24 hours, after which participants will not have the opportunity to return to it. The first task will be active only on December 15, the second - on December 16, the third - on December 17, and so on.

How to participate?

  • Every day at 10 AM (UTC) go to the Exolix official pages on social media to find out the details of the day's quest.

  • Follow the instructions we provide you: play a game, solve a riddle, fill out a Google form, make an exchange, etc.

  • Enjoy your gifts!

The number of tasks you can complete is unlimited. The more, the higher the chances of winning! You can take part in drawings every day.

The winners of each sub-contest will be randomly selected and will be notified by private message via the social media platform on which the contest was announced.

All prizes will be distributed in the coming days after the tasks close.

It's time to have some fun with Exolix!

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From the entire Exolix team, we wish you a great start to the Christmas season and good luck in completing our Advent Calendar. And yes, we'll start celebrating right now with first gift promocode for you, enjoy - 57N000

Merry Christmas! 🌲

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