Exchange Crypto with Exolix DEX

Exchange Crypto with Exolix DEX


Navigating the decentralized world of cryptocurrency exchanges can be challenging. However, Exolix DEX offers a secure and streamlined solution for swapping digital assets.

Operating across 9 popular networks including Ethereum, Optimism, and BNB Chain, Exolix DEX enables instant cryptocurrency swaps among hundreds of coins. With its DEX-swap feature, users can identify the most advantageous trading paths while considering Gas prices for cost-effective exchanges. Exolix DEX operates as a fully decentralized exchange, eliminating the need for registration or KYC verification. Enhanced wallet support and unlimited liquidity further enhance the trading experience, making Exolix DEX a preferred choice for efficient and secure digital asset exchange.

How to make a swap via Exolix DEX?

In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies using Exolix DEX, empowering you to take control of your digital assets. Follow these steps to efficiently navigate the decentralized exchange process with security and ease.

1. Click on the "Dex swap" tab on the main page of the Exolix website.

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2. Сlick the "Connect wallet" button and continue with choosing the wallet you will be using for the swap.

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3. Сonfirm that you agree with Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and then select the network you need and the most suitable wallet option, like MetaMask, Phantom or Coinbase. If you use another wallet, click on the Wallet Connect option.

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4. Use the following instructions, scan the QR code to connect the wallet that is compatible to WalletConnect. By clicking the "View All" button below the Desktop you could pick up the wallet to use for the exchange.Then, follow your wallet's instructions to establish a connection with Exolix's DEX.

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5. Afterward, designate the network for transferring your funds. For instance, in this illustration, we're utilizing the Polygon network. Indicate the cryptocurrency you aim to sell and its corresponding amount. Then, select the cryptocurrency you desire to receive, with the exchanged amount automatically calculated according to the current exchange rate.

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It's crucial to acknowledge that some assets may possess restricted liquidity. Exchanging such tokens might lead to adverse outcomes and potential financial losses.

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Carefully check the transaction fee (blockchain fee) and the current exchange rate, which are indicated below.

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You have the flexibility to choose the gas fee option according to your preference. Opting for the minimum amount may require a longer wait time, while selecting the maximum amount will expedite the transaction for quicker processing.

6. Open your wallet and confirm the transaction.

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8. Monitor your transaction status at any point by clicking the appropriate button, which will redirect you to the explorer.

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That's all. Once the transaction is completed, verify the details in your wallet. Celebrate your successful exchange on Exolix DEX!


Exolix DEX offers a user-friendly and secure platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. By following these simple steps, you can harness the power of decentralized trading while maintaining full control of your digital assets. Start your journey with Exolix DEX today and experience the future of crypto exchanges.

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