Exolix Integration into CoinWallet - Empowering Crypto Transactions

Empowering Crypto Transactions: Exolix Integration into CoinWallet


In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency transactions, seamless and secure exchanges are paramount.  CoinsDo, a Infrastructure security provider for non-custodial digital asset, has integrated the Exolix widget into its high-security MPC wallet, CoinWallet. This integration broadens the options for cryptocurrency swaps directly within CoinWallet, streamlining the process and eliminating reliance on external services and making the exchange process more convenient and efficient.

About Exolix

Operating since 2018, Exolix is an instant non-custodial crypto exchange service with 400+ tokens available for secure crypto swaps with fixed & floating rates.

Key benefits of the platform:

  • Competitive exchange Rates: we offer the best possible rates for each transaction.

  • No limits on exchange: availability to exchange as much as desired.

  • Low minimums: starting at just 50$ in equivalent.

  • Fixed & floating rates: with our unique 25-minute fixed rate mechanism, users always know what to expect and are protected from market volatility.

  • No KYC: fast and simple exchange process with no hassle.

  • Extensive portfolio: choice of 300+ cryptocurrencies and more than 90,000 trading pairs.

  • Cross-chain swaps: users can exchange cryptocurrency in one blockchain for the same one in another blockchain in just a few clicks.

The integration of the Exolix Widget into CoinWallet opens up a world of possibilities for users. Not only does it expand the scope for profitable trades, but it also provides access to the most competitive exchange rates in the market. The synergy between Exolix and CoinWallet marks a significant step forward in the realm of crypto transactions, empowering users with convenience, efficiency, and security.

About CoinsDo

CoinsDo stands out as a trusted wallet service provider based in Singapore, delivering a comprehensive array of features and top-tier security for both blockchain institutions and their clientele.

The main advantages of the service: 

  • Security and privacy: CoinsDo ensures a high level of protection and confidentiality for users by providing institutionally regulated wallets.

  • Institutional-level service: CoinsDo is focused on meeting the needs of blockchain institutions, providing them with high standards and level of service.

  • Asset management: users gain access to advanced asset management features, allowing for effective cryptocurrency portfolio management.

  • User-friendly interface: CoinsDo service offers an intuitive interface and easy integration to meet user needs.

СoinsDo is reinforced with an innovative, automated dispatch and withdrawal system engineered to optimize the efficiency and scalability of crypto transactions. By embracing CoinsDo, corporations can swiftly scale up their wallet creation capabilities for users, achieving this expansion with minimal expenses.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the collaboration between Exolix and CoinsDo exemplifies the relentless pursuit of excellence in the cryptocurrency sphere. As the digital asset landscape continues to evolve, partnerships like these pave the way for seamless and secure transactions, ensuring a brighter future for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

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