Blast (BLAST) Price Prediction 2024-2030

Blast (BLAST) Price Prediction 2024-2030

Market Cap$265034259.862
Circulating Supply17637548013.9 BLAST
Total Supply100000000000 BLAST

What is Blast (BLAST)?

Blast is a blockchain project based on the Ethereum Optimistic Rollup technology. The main goal of the platform is to generate profits for users holding ETH and stablecoins through staking and profit distribution mechanisms.

At a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of $2 billion, BLAST token launched at $0.02 per token. The token saw significant growth, indicating strong market interest and confidence in its capabilities. With significant trading volume and a market cap of US$410.45 million, BLAST is an indicator of high liquidity and active trading.

Moreover, 17% of BLAST tokens were transferred on the first day of the airdrop. By ensuring widespread distribution of tokens, this airdrop approach not only increases user engagement, but also improves adoption and liquidity of tokens.

Blast (BLAST) Price Prediction 2024-2030

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Blast is predicted to reach a low of $0.02255 in 2024, according to forecasts and technical analysis. Blast's peak price could reach $0.03165, and its average trading price for the year is projected to be around $0.02835.

The 30-minute chart of Blast/USD shows two key resistance levels. The first resistance line is now at $0.02280. Previously, attempts to rise above this level were met with strong selling pressure. This level used to be the price ceiling. The second resistance line is at $0.02600. This is a high point in price where previous rallies have been broken, indicating a significant area of ​​selling interest.

Blast/USD support level is identified at approximately $0.02278. The price struggled below this support line, indicating that buying pressure is concentrated at this point. If the price approaches this level again, traders can expect stabilization or a rebound.

Now Blast/USD is going through a testing phase, in which the market is determining whether it can hold at the current level or rise above this baseline. If support holds, it could indicate a possible reversal; if it breaks lower, there could be big losses that will test lower support levels as sellers take the initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will BLAST be worth in 2025?dropwdown arrow icon

According to forecasts for 2025, the cost of the BLAST token can vary from $0.2420 to $0.5260. The average price of the token this year may be $0.3840. The price forecast for BLAST depends on various factors affecting its supply and demand.

Is it safe to invest in BLAST today?dropwdown arrow icon

BLAST is a highly volatile and risky investment. You should only consider this if you can afford the potential losses, have a high risk tolerance and are in a stable financial position.

How much will 1 BLAST be worth in 2030?dropwdown arrow icon

Given how quickly blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are evolving, it makes sense to believe that BLAST will still be important in a few decades. It's difficult to predict with any degree of accuracy what BLAST will be worth in 2030, but some believe it could become a very valuable asset with an average price of approximately $0.9994.

How much is the blast token worth?dropwdown arrow icon

Current price of the BLAST token is $0.015

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