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10 Most Crypto-Friendly Countries 2023


Cryptocurrencies were invented to oppose the traditional centralized money system. We are all used to fiat money that is regulated by countries and national governments. The latter make decisions on their amount on the market, circulation, and other issues. However, making transactions with fiat money is not always convenient. These procedures not only take time but also become the subject of control. Cryptocurrency instead guarantees privacy and efficiency in whatever you do starting from trading on platforms like Exolix and ending with different investments. No wonder different digital assets gained so huge popularity. At the same time, some countries support crypto, as well as companies and individuals who work with it, while others ban such opportunities. Let’s discover the most crypto friendly countries and what they offer.

Which country has lowest crypto tax?

What are the most crypto-friendly countries 2023? We expand our list with five more options here. Each option has its own opportunities and preferences. Therefore, study the issue carefully and you will find the dream region for your plans.


This small island is well-known for a huge variety of blockchain projects and exchanges. Therefore, there are all important services for investors who can access and use them easily. Trading here is also more than popular. As for taxes, they are either small or even tax-free options exist.


High banking standards and privacy are the key factors for fiat money owners who prefer to operate here. In addition, the local government also favors Bitcoin businesses. The friendly environment guarantees privacy and low risks and attracts crypto owners from other regions.


Estonia wishes to build a digital society and try to attract different novel companies from other regions with easy rules and pro-crypto laws. Here one can operate with crypto fully legally. The national bank works with this technology and the whole financial sector supports it. Moreover, the government wants to create a national crypto.

The Netherlands

The local government follows FATF guidelines and regulates crypto according to them. Therefore, it is easy and convenient to launch a blockchain organization here and get international certification to work under legal and transparent conditions.


Canadian government welcomes this technology and does not restrict the utilization of crypto. Moreover, there are banks that work with such transactions and favor those who prefer it. There were attempts to centralize the utilization of crypto here. However, for now, previous rules are still applicable, and many crypto owners choose Canada for their activity.

Where should I move to avoid crypto taxes?

What regions are included in the list of crypto friendly countries and why? To begin with, it is worth mentioning that many developing countries are interested in this topic and try to support their economies with digital products. At the same time, different European crypto friendly countries are also common. Therefore, one should pay careful attention to the existing rules and then choose the region for the crypto activity based on them.

El Salvador

One of the best crypto friendly countries with a pro-crypto government is El Salvador located in Central America. This small country was the first to make Bitcoin a legal means of payment. Moreover, each business here must accept such payments. For individuals who are interested in this type of investment, there are no capital gains or income tax. Therefore, it is one of the favorite places for such activities. In addition, 60% of this nation uses crypto that is equal to 4 million users.


Special rules for crypto are adopted in this country. They include both regulations to prevent illegal actions and measures to create a supportive environment for anyone interested in this area. In addition, a free tax policy also works here.


This small country in Central Europe is another crypto haven on our list. The corresponding trading here is tax-free and there is no VAT on mining. Government supports and encourages those who move toward novel technology. In addition, here evolve many startups and the market capitalization here is very high. There is even a special BTC City – the largest European shopping mall where more than 500 stores accept transactions in crypto.


The crypto laws in Portugal attract mainly Bitcoin individual investors. They are free from capital gains taxes. In addition, when you exchange or swap crypto for fiat money, there is no extra fee for this. Thus, you can easily convert the required amount not losing on paying extras.


For long-term investments, this option is the best among crypto-friendly countries. Here crypto owners are equal to fiat money owners. If you own it for more than a year, then tax-free laws start to be applicable. Thus, one can easily benefit here in the case of investment strategy.


To select the country for operating with crypto, you should first decide on your aims and desires. Depending on the preferred strategy and resources involved, choose the country that has the proper environment. In some, you will find tax-free policies for trading incomes, and in others profitable conditions for long-term investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Among the most suitable options, El Salvador, Singapore, Malta, Slovenia, and Portugal are often mentioned. They have friendly rules and support for those who operate in this area. Moreover, they apply low taxes or even provide tax-free opportunities. Thus, you can trade and invest here and get your profits easily.

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