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When Bitcoin appeared, it was a kind of revolution in the financial sphere. However, later other developers found ways to contribute to this project and create some other interesting alternatives. That is how the modern cryptocurrency market evolved with numerous traders and investors who are constantly looking for profits. Here we are going to discuss Monero and Litecoin as two successful projects. They are a bit different, but each is interesting and possesses unique features. If you want to convert XMR to LTC, start by learning more about these coins and the exchanges that allow operating with them.

XMR and LTC Price and Charts

Due to the volatility and fluctuations in the crypto market, it is important to follow live prices before making any transactions. For instance, both Monero and Litecoin seem to be relatively stable but the analysis is always required to understand their closest possible movements. If we consider Monero in 2023, its price is nearly $150 with an approximate $41 million day trading volume. The supply in circulation exceeds 18 million XMR and is still growing due to the absence of the upper limit. According to the market cap value, XMR is also slowly moving to the top ten. At the same time, Litecoin is evaluated as $89 with a day trading volume of more than $786 million. It has almost reached the top ten coins and closely follows the leaders of the market. The supply in circulation is nearly 73 million LTC with an upper limit of 84 million. Therefore, a halving in price is expected to happen in the second half of 2023. While following the dynamics of XMR and LTC, we should consider their basic concepts, namely: Litecoin was launched in 2011 as a smaller alternative to BTC. The aim of the developers was to make it faster and more efficient. They achieved this and continued to work on anonymity to make it higher. Moreover, LTC is a popular tool for payments and many systems have added this option. Monero appeared in 2014 and aimed to give the users as much security as possible and to hide their personal data completely. For this, the developers utilize ring signatures and stealth addresses. These instruments make it impossible to follow the transactions and reveal their participants or the amount sent. Therefore, these two coins serve different purposes and that is the reason to swap them depending on the goals. XMR is suitable when you care about the security and anonymity of the transaction, while LTC is a good means for payments. In any case, follow their live prices and charts to stay aware of the current situation on the market.

Convert Litecoin with lowest fees

If you are looking for an exchange to convert Litecoin and get Monero, pay attention to Exolix. This platform is one of the few reliable exchanges that work with XMR and has more than 400 coins for different transactions. The thing is, Monero is highly secure and is not compatible with KYC and AML procedures. However, many exchanges now use them and that was the reason to eliminate XMR from the available options in recent years. As for Exolix, it cares about the security and anonymity of users and do not require any sensitive data. That is why it has Monero and many other options among available coins. Furthermore, users can enjoy the following features while working on Exolix, for example: convenient and user-friendly interface that does not require a long time for understanding; fees are transparent and affordable; after starting the transaction, the system fixes the rate for one hour to avoid unpleasant consequences in case of abrupt market changes; the professional support team is always ready to solve any occurring issue. Moreover, this exchange has fast and secure service and does not limit the users in their actions. In addition to a vast number of available coins, one can make any transaction and do not care about its amount. There are no limits and no need to provide any personal data. Knowing the basics of Monero and Litecoin, you can freely operate with them and look for profits while converting the coins with favorable rates on the reliable platform like Exolix.

Exchange XMR to LTC

Fast, secure and privacy-oriented Monero to Litecoin exchange. Swap XMR to LTC at the best exchange rate with Exolix.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, Exolix is a secure and anonymous crypto exchange service.

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The service does not charge any hidden or unreasonable fees.